GODDESS JIGGLY BOOTY - In Super Thin See Thru Lose Joggers! - Full 4k Video and Pics! MUST SEE!

This is the absolute definition of a perfect JIGGLY BUBBLE BOOTY APPLE!! By far the best ass I’ve ever captured! Enjoy!!

First Video is the full video at 30fps so I could upload it under 100mb as required.
Second and Third videos is the full video split into two parts at 4k, 60fps.

First Vid: 30fps

Second & Third Vid: 4k 60fps


She only got 2-3 bodies max. She bad asf

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Oh…my i cant even breathe :sob:

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she’s got a tremendous amount of ass packed into those pants and it’s glorious!

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What did you shoot with? Footage is really smooth.

A pair of action glasses.

I am so thankful that you have posted such a diamond. I appreciate that thank you very much.

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That ass must be creating earthquakes with how much that thing shakes

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The quality :ok_hand:

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Absolutely asstounding

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OMG. This ass is just perfection!!!
I love this kind of pants, and the way it jiggles
Thanks a lot