Gorgeous Green Eyed Slim Thick Chick In High Waisted Jean Shorts ❤️‍🔥


I don’t think I’ve ever tried this hard to get a capture…she glanced at me a couple of times but I honestly don’t think she ever caught on.

An absolute fucking dime! She’s perfect! Enjoy ;)

Those thighs! :heart_eyes:





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Juicy bitch I’d love to taste her cream :yum:


great catch man, she’s gorgeous and i love her punk alternative style

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She’s a bit thick but she’s thinking the right places! Probably a down to earth girl too. Love that she showing her cheeks. I just wanna slap that ass and see if jiggle

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She’s a hottie

Damn!! That’s my type. She’s gorgeous :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Some women simply have an intangible, they have “it”, to me she has it…great catch…

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How does this not have 600 votes… my god. Be jumping over carriages & shit to get this one :rofl: id do anything 4 her

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Thanks for the love! :heart_on_fire:

Shes wants it!

Mmmmmm love them nice thighs and cheeks peeking :eyes:

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Great post! She’s amazing

I love you dude, well and that beauty of an ass.

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Very nice