Greyt Upstate PAWG Ass Catch

Alright, this was bouncing around at the pit stop so I had to snap a few - but it wasnt enough. This chcik was thick wit it so i had to get quick with it, went outside and plotted. All within 3-minutes!! Not bad, enjoy!

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oh…the quick vid:


should have just titled this thunder thighs!!

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Here’s a monster, got a quick vid too :+1::+1:


Soooo nice and thick, thank you lizzy

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Thanks for the tag😏


Damn the second to last photo alone makes this post great! Thanks for the tag glad I got to see these

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I’ve seen what others comment/view. Same thing we used to do in the Twitter days…been lonely with random text/chat and tumblr :roll_eyes:


Now that’s an ASS lol, what a nice catch , just thinking of her bent over , I would have her wearing a little summer dress around the house if she was mine and pull it up and bend her over , very nice thanks for the great video

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P.S nice set of tits to

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This post wouldn’t have made it past the 24hrs.

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I’d love to dunkin her donut

Amazing catch

Love her thick legs and juicy ass

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That is crazy.

I find a lot that when something makes me go wow, quite often the likes are lower.

I don’t understand it. Some posts there is no ass to even see, and will get a ton of likes.

Im biased, the bigger and juicier the better. I like huge ass, thick thighs, wide hips, if they look like they could crush a watermelon using the inside of their thighs, I’m sold


Agreed! I know there are many different feelings on every post, I’m willing to let people live. Sometimes the posts are just not thick enough. Even I have a place where I draw the line, but I ain’t never turn something away…maybe once or twice LOL
This right here just looks fun!

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100 percent agreed mate

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Truly slept on, her thighs are juicy af

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Delicious meatiness!

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