Gym Dumpy 2(Latina edition)


God damn! That’s a phat ass.
Love when they wear those Aurola leggings.
Great caps bro


Damn. Nice

wow delicious booty i’d love to eat nice cap

Thiccc Latina bitch

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Gorgeous as fuck literally meant for pounding


I would eat that sweaty booty for hours

Daaaaaaamn!!! Fire

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amazing caps thx

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amazing vid please

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I’m sniffing any seat shes used.

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my favorite color, Beautiful.

Goodness that’s a jerktastic ass!

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Needs a pounding from daddy :smiling_imp:

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How do i upload a video with the pics . It keep failing the videos. I have footage of her

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I would suggest try uploading through mega

You can upload a mega through this uploader? Or u have to post the mega link in the thread?

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Yeah just copy the link
From your mega vid and post here. That’s how I do it

I would nut from staring