How do you not get caught at a beach?

I was capping at the beach but i couldn’t get much because I felt so damn suspicious. How do some of y’all do it so effortlessly?


What are you using to cap?

I’m just using my phone. Iphone 11

Then you’re going to get caught, everyone is looking for the perv with the phone now.

Here’s a question when you see the “caught” videos on tic tok and other platforms how many times do they have a phone in hand?

I get that. So what do people usually use? cuz i only have a phone to cap

My advice is not to with a phone on a beach.

laying down near a busy area or group is prolly the way to go, set up and park it, maybe bring along an umbrella for extra coverage since u feel suspicious. stay cool and catch a preferred subject or whatever walks by that you deem fit… it should just look like you’re scrolling on your phone enjoying the sun. people arent going to the beach to to watch you thats fasho, you should be straight. if you still feel nervous shii your methods might be suspicious who knows

then again, no experience with beach caps. just a thought

ive also heard of a method where you just hold miscellaneous shit along with your phone to make it look less conspicuous while recording. that may work too for some quick caps you may wanna walk down on.

starting a convo might b a valid option too, ive seen plenty of post here where people would compliment or start a conversation with their subject in order to get closer.

You could also try using a hip holster for your phone. That’s how I snapped this…


Kindle Oasis is great for this. The back of it is uneven (it has a raised part and a lowered part) and you can hold a phone in the lowered part comfortably without it looking out of place.

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Would love to see the vid