How to fix blurry and pixelated videos

I took some videos of a great subject but unfortunately the videos turned out to be blurry and pixelated , is there a way to fix this and give those videos a better quality ??

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just try to get better shots next time not worth the effort to try unless you dont get good opportunites often


I wish
Sadly we don’t have CSI zoom and enhance technology yet :joy:

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I have tried those but still didn’t work , then I came here and asked my question, good job trolling yourself

There’s no way to unblur or unpixelate a shitty photo. Get yourself some better equipment and learn how to use it.

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Already found out how to unblur bad quality media and it works , plus I know well how to use whatever equipment I have in hand

Photoshop , it requires patience and some skills to get good results , but still working well

I’m curious to see what the results are. Can you post a before and after picture?

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What techniques do you use? I use Photoshop too.

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Haven’t tried it on some candid content since it requires much time and skills , only tried it on some regular picture. I can provide the link of the YouTube video which shows how ot works

I use photoshop extensively in my line of work, and I agree…it can’t turn shit into gold. I remain skeptical.

OP: How about you edit one of your candid shots and then post a before and after pic?