I cannot upload video

The video is not uploading on the Video website its stuck on a circle loop and 0% in the bar, no error, just the page loading circle.


I’m getting the same, anyone else?
I’m also seeing: NaN undefined/s


I shortened mine to under 2:10 and it worked, doesn’t seem to like over 4 mins

Mine is 1:40 still doesn’t work

What type of video?
Any errors?
Video size?
All information would be crucial in figuring out the issue

Mine was it was stuck on 0% and my upload speed (5.4mbs) and the page just kept on loading and loading, blue bar was stuck, tried various vpn servers and shortened the video too

Yep same thing here :( Mine’s an MP4 and is 8m long/280MB.

I guess that’s a timing and space issue , confirm the max file size and duration

I would drop yours down to 2mins and create multiples, it’s worked for me in the past even at low quality (720p)

I haven’t tried it yet. But send to your email and save it to your phone from there… it might be saved under something different… I’m also trying to figure out the video situation

I have done most my uploads from an iPhone, at times I have an issue. Only once/twice was it not something I could have modified

Hmm Idk then… have you tried the io for videos of people? Maybe it could work there and you can transfer it to here