I simply love this Outfit! Hot blonde Teen in Miniskirt / Great Video with some Slowmos

Everything started with the tomatoes. lol
A pretty teen in a mini dress and boots stood in front of me.
A perfect outfit (for me), a wonderful body and gorgeous legs. Her movements made me so hot!!! :fire: :smiling_imp:
I had to do some slowmos in the video. Video is about 3 minutes and 165 MB


Perfect! Only thibg we could wish for is a smaller skirt!


Looks like a hot masked beauty. If it only it was a small mini skirt

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You are absolutely right. I think exactly the same.


Well, the skirt could be a little smaller. But for me she is still very hot.

Holy shit. Yes You are soo right, perfect outfit and gosh is She in pantyhose too?! LOVE HER. WELL DONE.
And love the way she bends over


Thanks sir!

she is hot with that skirt, thanks for sharing video also

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Yes i am totally with you. That skirt is very hot :smiling_imp:

No Sir, her legs are bare, but her skin was so smooth :smiling_imp: