I'm considering quitting the hobby

With how seemingly popular the “exposing” videos are getting on TikTok etc, I dont know if I want to take the chance. I mean, you look go online to check this rabbit hole and there’s a lot of videos…some of them have anywhere from 50k-200k, some even over 2million views. Things like this will trend and im willing to bet that people are only going to get more and more aware.

One thing you notice with these vids is that most of the people that get caught are fuckin boomers or actual old ass guys 60+ years old. Walking around with the cam showing, no stealth techniques and possibly even flash on. Other people are just so blatantly recording they don’t even hide it.

If youre smart and play it safe you definitely lower your chances by a lot, but who knows how long things like black screen apps are gonna help if everyone is LOOKING for this behavior. Shits got me paranoid :rofl:

Sucks cus I feel like a fun hobby is being ruined by stupid people getting caught. And admitting guild on camera? Wow. Unbelievably dumb.

I get where a girl is coming from and how they would be angry at this shit, me personally I’ve always viewed candids as a way of sexual admiration of beautiful women. I don’t post as a form of hate towards these women or to degrade them for how they dress. Weather they are a slut or not is irrelevant. Anyway just my thoughts🤷‍♀️


Can you link some of these exposing vids Im curious


not allowed to post tiktok shit here

they are all over the place

do a google search

The risk depends on how you act. In most cases I just do frontal pics of girls in the main downtown shopping street. Seeing them approaching from afar, then having a nose/ellbow scratch (by accident right at the moment when they pass :rofl: … with Bluetooth shutter button hidden in the pocket, so obviously just holding my phone). That makes parts of a second “contact” at all. Sometimes they seem to get what I do, though (as a guy in his early 40s, I may look suspect by default :rofl:), but I never had the feeling of a confrontation risk (while just passing by).

It’s way different when you “rotate” around girls in closed rooms (shops, malls, …) for minutes, filming them from all angles. There’s less escape routes, too …

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Latest video was posted from a Ho0ters waitress about 2 men taking pics or video without asking and it has 1.8 million views in 2 weeks from 9/29. There’s been people at pools among other places as well also exposed last June 18 2021 with an 18 year old asking to see the guy’s camera roll that hit 8.9 million views. Don’t know if it’s against the rules to post their tiktok names but could message them.
I quit candids for a while when I was busted putting cameras in certain low angles cameras don’t belong, but eventually got back into it once in a while. There was no evidence so no legal situation, only my name noted somewhere. I only look for opportunities, not capping randoms not worth my time or risk.
Quick Video Recorder is a great android app to put anything I want on the screen while recording and actively using the phone, so there’s no ‘blank screen’ or camera view. If anyone looks over I can simply show my screen has something else on it. The front camera works just fine. Couldn’t do any of that with a iphone.

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Does this also work for the built in Camera app? I`m looking for something to cover up taking pictures with the Camera app …

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Actually, it’s not difficult to film without paying attention. But if, for example, you spend 20 minutes in a ladies’ store chasing a “goal” all the time, you don’t need to be surprised if you’re spoken to or caught. 1 rule = don’t do stupid things. Sometimes taking a risk is certainly helpful, but never overdoing it.

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I do the same thing - front pocket, back pocket. Sometimes I wear bathing suit with no pockets and carry my phone or put it in my front shirt pocket. It’s so fucking easy to get shots.

I’ve been caught once or twice and I just play it off. Mostly I dont stare.
I position myself so I’m facing away from person but camera is facing them.
I engage in conversation, etc.
Sometimes I keep my airpods in and just talk to myself like I’m having a phone call.

works like a charm.

I had a few close-up shots I posted here where I had my AirPods in and the girls ass was literally 6 inches from my phone. I pretended to be talking to someone.
Sometimes I actually curse out loud so people can hear me - they look at me annoyed and then go about their business.

just gotta play it off like you dont give a shit.


It’s a separate app, not tied into the camera app. Allows you to record at anytime while still using the phone with the screen on like normal, or with the screen off.
Quick Video Recorder I found doesn’t show what’s being recorded on the screen, just this tiny bright green dot in the upper right and video cam icon upper left of the screen.
Have to press the app icon to start or stop the recording, might be another button option too.
It also has intervals such as 10 minute clips it keeps starting a new file, so it could be recording all shopping trip and split it every 10 minutes. When the screen is temporarily off there’s no green light icon up top but it seems less suspicious with some random app open with the phone screen on, especially when it’s a product you’re looking for.


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Same here. I shot candid videos of girls asses before I even knew what “candid videos” were on the internet. Or any forums about them. My thinking is kinda like this, you’re in line at the store and the girl in front of you has short shorts on with her huge fat ass cheeks hanging out…you can either just look at it and maybe jerk off to memory later. Or you can fuckin record that shit and bust a nut to her whenever you feel like it forever.


Great perspective wish girls had that mindset when they get upset, we’re not touching them just taking pictures or video for our own thing.


My memory isn’t too good lol

I couldn’t agree more. Especially with women becoming WAY MORE AWARE of this behavior and they pick up on it immediately.

Another trend I have noticed is these guys that seem to get theses caps with all the perfect angles, perfect lighting, perfect ass with great vpl are not candids at all. To have the absolute PERFECT conditions for every possible aspect would be like hitting the powerball billion dollar jackpot. Hey im not complaining about the nice ass in the photos/videos in question but I have an appreciation for true candid shots. It’s and art form to get quality shots. I saw a vid recently that was “candid” with the shooter within 3 feet of this hot chicks ass for 18 minutes and she wouldn’t pick up on it? She’s getting paid to walk down the street.

Getting caught can also be a shooters absolute worst nightmare in certain situations. Some states can put you on their sex offender website and you can only imagine how that could literally destroy someones life. The risk to reward ratio is not in your favor.

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im not gonna lie i found this hobby through tiktok. i couldn’t believe there was a site for taking candid photos of asses. im a good looking guy & i stare at ass in public with no hesitation…i mean if its right there in my face then theres no way its not getting attention right ?:joy: ive never got th climax through porn like candids do to me. here in New Zealand theres just ass EVERYWHERE. considering i live in Auckland where 2/3 of the population is…I SEE ASS DAILY & IT AINT NO DISAPPOINTING ONES. id say the ass i see here is better than what i see here. i just dont have a proper phone to be capturing… but best believe im creating content when i get a S24 Ultra.

I have considered quitting this hobby but only because i feel like ive became more of a perv. Id be feening to cap my cousins asses whenever i seem em because us Polynesians be built like :tongue:. Id literally be looking at asses & my eyes literally become attracted like magnets (even with my partner around). Most of all… im kind of tired of jacking off. Remember lads… you improve yourself mentally & physically then the ass just naturally comes. (Gains confidence & Chicks wont be weirded out by you resulting in WAYY better candids).