I'm in love with my friends legs🤤

My friend’s the type of girl to wear mom jeans or baggy clothes for every occasion

she never EVER uses shorts or skirts, so when i saw her wearing those i knew i had to take a few shots

Pls tell me what you think

Meaty thighs :drooling_face:


She has really nice legs plugs she’s a cutie

Fuck ya

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nice legs

A leg enjoyer like me wowowo, nice shots mate

Sexy af

You should get some of that in jeans

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We’re in love with her legs aswell now, thanks. :grin::+1:

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If she let you take picutr of them, its an invitation for you to eat whats in betw-een

Such a cutie!

Lovely shots
Would love to see more :heart_eyes:

Find out her size buy her a few pair of shorts and say hey I was gifted these do they fit you she may even try them on for you

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you need to fuck her bro


Please post more of her man, she’s got amazing thighs :face_exhaling:

Wow nice work!
Make sure she doesn’t find out or she’ll have your balls

Great shots bro

shes a real cutie and here legs looks amazing

i’d fuck her so good