Improving video quality

Couple of questions I hope someone can answer:

  1. What is the best phone camera out there on the market?

  2. When taking videos I find most of the stills are blurry when I’m trying to take screen shots so I have only a handful of usable photos that are actually clear from the video. Any way to improve that so that I can get more clear screenshots from the videos I shoot?


I’m new to this site and just wondering why majority of the post are pictures and no videos ? Where are the videos ?

You can’t post videos on the forum, only photos and gifs

There are apps that take screenshot and make them smaller, a separate file of course. Mini pics for reference.

My 11Pro Max is doing great! 4k turns out nice but same, blurry snaps. Sometimes my screenshots are 10mb files too - idk wtf is going on there

If you are using android best way is app called frame by frame ( Just choose file and part of a video that you want to take frames from. Then you can choose do you want to save all frames or choosen one. For example If your phone is recording in 24fps and your video is 10 second lenght you get 240 frames. I think its best way to take snaps out of video (on android). Idk what about iPhone. And if your video is just 1 minute you get 1440 pictures, even if ur camera isn’t best there must be some good snaps