INSANE Phat Ass of a chubby college blonde (OC + GIFS)

I rarely visit the cafeteria until I saw this pretty chubby blonde white chick with possibly the most huge working booty and even the most thick thighs in my college. Keep that in mind that this post is my first attempted cap on her but now I have so many caps of her because I visit the cafeteria to see her sometimes and I’ll might upload the best ones once in a while, if yall are interested. Ofc, chubby girls ain’t much of my taste but god dayum I couldn’t handle myself to cap her. Anyways here’s the best shots, let me know what yall think and enjoy



She is healthy! Fuk do I care about her besides banging or capping her? Show the rest of the goods!


She’s a cutie

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Doggystyle that Macaroni Salad ASS all night…! :smiling_imp:

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