iPhone video editing

Like the title suggests. Any decent video editing apps on iPhone? Preferably apps that allow me to change playback speed.


I’ve been using splice but you have to pay for most of the features. Probably some decent free ones I assume.

InShot has worked extremely well, I only use free. Does what you ask and no watermark. Very easy to use.

I’m trying to work out my own watermark now, I can’t get it entirely. I maxed out the clips able to used, was 20 or more so shouldn’t be much an issue.

I am looking for an app to apply a watermark for photos

Also, iMovie just got a huge update - I can’t figure the shit out tho. All swipes and shit. Hit the question mark at top right(?) and a pop up bottom right, middle for ‘Learn More’ or something. Takes you to the instructions, kinda huge!!

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Thank you so much