It’s a hard Habit to break

Early 20’s here anyways damn I have such a hard time not taking pics guys, like I go to my gym and I tell myself “no pics today we will be clean today” but then a baddie walks in with her ass hanging out and I’m like “well a couple wouldn’t be so bad” I get mad at myself cuz I want to be clean but I guess my addiction is extra cuz I can never have a clean day unless I’m with my gf. It’s a double edged sword for sure, Like today I plan on hunting specifically (will post later) but maybe I should slow it down to specific days. Stopping is hard.


Addiction is a mother fucker. For your situation I can recommend not charging your phone or camera. Forcing you to utilize it only when you need, when it’s low on battery. Keep it in your car. Don’t let your eyes wander. If you go into a store maintain a eye level stare the whole time. Increase your standards on who you would take shots of, anyone that you want to shoot that you’ll just delete later isn’t worth the time.
Goodluck my guy. Mind over matter.


I’ll leave you with this.

If this hobby doesn’t make you feel good about yourself, then don’t do it. It isn’t worth it at all, and the risk is far greater than the reward. I think it’s honorable of you to realize you have a problem and to be seeking help for it.

The post above offers great suggestions, and it’s doable. I promise you, there will ALWAYS be a subject to shoot out there, and this community is a testament that the creepshot community is inundated by material, and will continue to be for a long time. Therefore, shooting yourself isn’t necessary. Focus on your goals, your health, and your mental well-being. You’re of the age where this is the time of your life where you should be setting up your future. Night life, partying, studying, friends, family, etc - not this.


Totally agree with brother

I don’t understand why you’re feeling so bad about creepshooting , even though you can’t resist the urge to take creepshots everyday as you stated , I don’t see it as a critical problem that may threaten your life , health or finances , so I believe you don’t have to be worried about it.
Plus you stated that you’re in relationship and that being with your girlfriend helps you heal the creepshooting addiction , so I suggest you spend more time with your girlfriend , and she could fulfill your sexual needs if possible.
I’m 20 and single, if I had a girlfriend that would accept having a sex life with me then I’d definitely quit creepshooting for good , as long as I’m with her .


For any of you Dexter fans out there, i sorta considered taking pics of girls as my “dark passenger”. Started shooting maybe 15 years ago. I would go out and spend a day finding girls to get shots of. It sorta got to the point of getting almost every girl with any kind of sex appeal, was getting draining. And i realized how much time i was wasting. Just to get one more shot. I decided to narrow it down to a very specific look that i really like. Every once in a while, ill get the urge to get a shot of girls, but resist it. It does become easier. Unless its that look that i prefer.

I did manage to take a different approach. I bought a DSLR, bought some lights, and now i get girls to model for me. I sometimes get them to wear whatever i want to see them in, and they actually do. They even have fun doing it. Takes a big commitment though.

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