Japanese Chick at Ikea with a fat ass

Nice thick Japnese lady…Wae Shy at first but then decided to tease with her fat ass round booty.


Awesome capture

Wow that thing is phat!

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Holy shit the pictures don’t do this woman justice. Her body is so disproportionate in the video.

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Damn nice video and wowww her body!!! Thick for real :heart_eyes: Love those legs where its a bit wider right beneath the hips too. So hot

Love it

Yeah, fun part about it was we were in that same aisle for like a span of about 10min and the last 5min when we were alone there she really started to bend over and act like she was looking at shit. she turned around and i was crouched down and my phone was clearly pointing at her thick ass. Thats when i knew she was puttin on a show, because she just acted like she didnt notice and looked into another bin of the same pillows she been lookin at, rolled up and wrapped in plastic…she loved that shit. The aisle we were in is just pillows rolled up and wrapped in plastic and all of them in each bin are the same size, so theres no reason for either of us to be in that aisle so long…lol. she got bolder with her teasing so i just got bolder with my camera angles.


This like an old story in playboy. Love it. Made me appreciate this post more. Great shots!

yeah man i try to give more details of the scenes yall are watching. I like getting them to put on a show for me. Glad to hear you like the back story.


WTF :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

I love asian food! Enough meat for a full meal

Thick Asians like this are so rare :heart_eyes:

Thick asians drive me crazy

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watch my other vids @legs. Its kind of my thing. May not have seemed like it so much with this Japanese chick, because i couldnt capture everything she was doing and dont really break out my phone out until i know that she knows im checking her out and gives me the “welcome to admire me vibe” or the “eww gross vibe”.

Started following her in plants department area all the way to bedding and sheets part of ikea. And ya know maybe your right but either way its my fantasy bro. lol.

Seriously though she was fake browsing/looking at stuff, i know cuz i do it all the time…she was bending and digging hrough those bins like she was trying to find a treasure hunt Hot Wheels or something…When everything in thise bins were the same pillows. same sizes.

Thanks for your comments man. Peace and Love.

maybe if i didnt edit the vid to just show the good parts and you see her movements in chronological time youd think differently.

is she your girlfriend?

No shes not.

great ass ngl. i hope its not one of the fake japanese candids

Where is this Ikea? It looks so damn familiar.