Just Use Your Phone

To anyone who is unsure about setting up a candid cam setup to film. Just use your phone. Acting natural with a phone in your hand is easily the best technique. Scratch your hose with phone in hand to get frontals. Relax it by your side the entire time you are walking around. Sometimes be alone looking at products etc. if you’re hitting Target/stores so either a target you’re filming or someone suspicious just sees and you figures you hold your phone like that all the time. Notice next time you’re out how many people are holding their phones, you don’t think to question it if it’s a natural hold. NEVER POINT YOUR CAMERA, just be in the right place at the right time with your hand slightly steady, keep your body steady to assist this, you will get better the more you do it. anyway just some motivation for those who are too afraid to get captures themselves, it’s really simple and your phone in your hand is not as obvious as you may think in 2022


I got an android that takes garbage video/photos, but I got a phone plan with my parents…

Is it worth buying a phone with a better camera? also, it can take photos without a sim card right?

@lazysusan, yes, you can take photos without a SIM card.