Lock screen recording app

Guys I need an app for recording when my screen is locked. Going to event tomorrow and will prob be able to get good shots. The app should be for android. Thanks in advance!

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Quick Video Recorder works best if it still exists for download. You can have some other app on screen and be using it not stuck holding a phone that looks half off. Had a web browser up when I recorded the latest post.

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I need the phone to be locked for sure

will give it a try in a bit and see if it will work

The perfect app I need is that will record when my screen is locked cuz my friends will be around prob

it was screen recorder only

Try out bvr. I’ve been using it for a while and I have no complaints


I got smth called like that without pro tho I think it will be the best till now

I’ve tried this one, but it stops video recording when launched. I’m I missing something?

any same stuff for ios?

Did so, went into camera, started recording and when I pressed the lock icon, recording stopped. Might reinstall and try again