Looking for Moderators

Im new here, maybe a month or so. I dont do social media. This is as close as it gets for me. I spend alot of time going through post and reading alot. I believe my time spent here on a daily basis could be at great use for this Forum. If not picked Im ok with that, I would still enjoy logging in and spending time in here.

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If still open for it im down … im on here everyday

Lmao you’ve visited 180 days, read 13k topics and only given out 32 likes. Hardly a pillar of the community :joy:


So im a lil new here shit …

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I am back again after a bunch of months. Check my Profile please.

i’d be real bad at it. banning mfs all the time!

I am interested. I’m fairly new, but do spend a lot of time on here

Sure why not.


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I can mod.