Looking for Moderators

Reply below if interested. To qualify you need to spend a lot of time on the forum.


Not sure if it’s a good thing I spend alot of time on here. But I’d be down!

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Not sure what the job consists of, but I would be interested.

I will be a moderator.

im interested again. spending alot of time on here as you can see and i would like to moderate the forum since i think its a great place.


check messages

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I absolutely love this forum and would love to moderate. I’m on here 24/7. My old account will be unbanned the 21st where all my best shots are. A community member flagged it because I posted too many posts in 1 day. This forum is where I spend the majority of my time. I see everything that is posted. I would love to contribute and add value at a much higher level by being a moderator of this forum. Thank you.


I was a Mod for a while and then life got in the way and made things difficult. I passed all my college exams and will have a hell of a lot more time now to moderate the forum like I used to. I’ll be active and helpful and got some juicy content on the way from my break. I would love to be mod again

I’m down. On here at least twice a day

I can mod full time. I have the perfect availability to help this community out. D.M me if you are ready to get things kick started asap.

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I can be a mod full-time. Love this community and have lots to add. D.m me if your offer is still up. My availability is over 18hr’s. I can start as soon as your ready for me to start. Good luck and hope I can become more within this forum. :pray:

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I would like to be able to moderate this magnificent forum, I am available 24/7 and willing to collaborate and help improve the forum day by day, I am very responsible when I am assigned a position or task to perform.

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I’m up for it


Am interested.

Willing to help out , lover of asses here and also of Taylor ! Been in the candid community for 3+ years now I’m a shooter myself aswell , active in other candid sites/communities so I know how it goes

Why not. Im here for all days to come

I’m interested :+1:t3:

I don’t know if I 100% qualify as I’m still pretty new to the forum but I feel I could do a good job depending on what the job entails. I understand if it’s not possible though.

I’d be interested. Please do send details.