LQ with mobile

to sjay80085 if i use mobile it looks very LQ!


Hey @R2D2lurker nice pics :slight_smile:. Great body on her especially her legs!

Yeah I see what you mean about the quality I was just asking in the other thread about using my phone since I don’t have anything better at the moment lol.

I think some phones would record decently especially ones which can do 240fps in 720p and when close to the subject.


LQ so sad she was awesome!

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Nice job.Thx

i have a some problems when i record girls with black tights on the video comes out dark and u cant really see the butt its just black anyone know any soloutions for this problem. it has happend with my old phone and new one

Same with me James

Can someone upload a new video download link :confused:

nice catch,dat ass tho

With black tights its best to have your light source behind you keeping it out of your lens and to help highlight the curves of the butt. While outside make sure the sun is behind you. Indoors is a little harder because light is usually coming from everywhere, which could get in the lens making the picture darker. Also try to use as little zoom as possible and obviously the better quality camera you have helps.

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Good looking out for fellow hunters :100: