Mega? Google drive? Or what else

For you lifers on here, what’s the best way/app or so to store all of these candids long term with out loosing any quality ? I have soooo much oc on mega but the fear of loosing it all for whatever reason is starting to bother me… and I don’t want the quality of them to change :sweat_smile: this is my 3rd year of storing creep shots on mega aswell and mannn it’s getting better and better compared to my first year


Just add a hard drive at home and use mega as a backup.


I have several backups, there are several ways to do it. You can mount hard drives to a PC different ways.

My current method which took some time and money, but I refuse to lose any content:
I built a PC, holds multiple drives, three sets are mirrored. I have a server that backs it up via a cloud method and use it to access on phones. I have a backup at a parents house in an another state, it’s not large enough to backup the server but it’s a start. I have multiple HDD/SSD for cold storage. :nerd_face:

I’d suggest STOP ALL SHARING with MEGA!!!
I’ve gone through over 80 emails trying that method, you’ve been warned.

GOOD: Start with a HDD you can connect to a PC/laptop, WD has a 10tb at a decent price. BETTER: If you prefer a cloud it will cost more - WD is a great starter but
BEST: Synology has some serious tools for a bit more, and you can build your own and add the expensive HDDs later as funds come available.

At minimum, buy TWO 1-5tb small drives for 50-100$ and get it all off MEGA! Or add some drives to a PC and do the same, mirror as I mentioned. If you have a good router, it may allow you to plug in a HDD/SSD via USB and have an app to use it as a cloud solution. Don’t bother with thumb drives, too small.


Exactly. I think this would also apply to any and all cloud storage services where you have sensitive data that you’re not sharing, or risk loosing it all over 1 shared link.

MEGA and pretty much all the common cloud storage providers will takedown files and suspend accounts either by noticing how much traffic that file is getting, or at the request of white knights with too much time on their hands that will report the files and get your account suspended (even happened with Mediafire). I’ve recently been using CyberFile and Bunkr for sharing, since they are takedown resistant (but I won’t hold my breath). Also somewhat FileLu.

Probably not as advanced as you, but I backup everything, first to an external HDD, and then to private MEGA, Google Drive, etc. accounts where I don’t plan to share any links. If I want to share, I just have a separate CyberFile/Bunker/FileLu account for shared links. That way, if the account gets suspended, that’s fine. I don’t have the only copy stored there and can always re-up elsewhere.


HHD and back it up to another SSD, ALWAYS backup twice, I personally don’t use MEGA or anything “online” to back up anything. All in all whatever you choose back it up twice! I lost all my old content when my HDD got corrupted and many others have lost theirs as well.


Is it bad to store on a SSD?

$$$ vs $
Solid State vs Moveable Discs

I use NAS/Server type HDD, built to spin all day. Cold storage is HDD as well

@JohnDonovan @wm24
Both are right on point!!
MEGA and others are following the users emails and IPs, gauging the traffic, and deleting accounts based of traffic to other banned/reported links/shares.

Always back up twice!!
Never keep data on the MEGA as a backup!!


I just got a SSD for a pretty decent price, you can often find them for a discount

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Google drive uses A.I to scan you content. Screw google. They did it to me and deleted my account.

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Can you accept my 2 or 3 posts?? Why isn’t my content being uploaded ? :(

Know any good 1Tb ssd’s I can purchase for a reasonable price?

Why SSD? Save some money and go HDD.
Any WD or Seagate (server/NAS drives) is decent, everyone has problems with both, so neither are better than the other. Their (WD Red drives) server drives are made to run all day and have worked flawlessly for me. It would be best spend money on 2 if backing up is your thing. One to back up and use often, second to use as cold storage (backup only).

HDDs are still great and used in servers all over. If you must by an SSD, searching SSD in Amazon gives you the good brands: Samsung has been at the top, WD is well known (don’t need to buy WD black$$), Crucial, Seagate. Team Group is new but it’s been making RAM for some time & Hynix I believe has always made RAM chips so theirs wouldn’t be bad either - then you need an enclosure. I have 2of the top one Sandisk, they are working fine with almost 500gb of music, for playing music only.

The rest of the decision is based off how much money you’re willing to throw at it, either now or over a few paychecks.