MUST SEE best ass I’ve ever seen, pawg college girl (video)

Her ass was so phat I wish I could’ve gotten more but they were onto me from the start. She has her shirt tucked so she knows she has a phat ass. Her petite friend was hot to
Let me know what you guys think ?


The profile of the black shorts is incredible, but green shorts was hot and tight. Great catch, thx for sharing…


Yur welcome man

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Both were hot but the black shorts. Fuck that ass was so phat the pictures are good but in person it was the best ass I’ve ever seen


Amazing ass

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So many amazing shots! Really enjoying both of them!

So phat

Lol thx

Phat ass or petite? Which one you choosing ?

The cheekiness of the one in teal shorts is really doing it for me.

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Those black shorts for me…for sure!!!; Dayum!

girl in black is insane booty great cap

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Both are hot

So phat right

She really is insane

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One of the best post I’ve seen thanks for the upload and video!

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Chaz as usual… finds the good ones. Great post. Also are you able to post a different video link without the watermark? Like through mediafire or MEGA?

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