My First Post - Target Naughty Gym Baddie (OC)

Hello CD! This is my very first post! Happy to find a community that shares this same fetish as me! I was creeping through Target, looking for asses and after 15 minutes…nothing. I go to leave and this beat is waiting at Customer Service. I immediately walked over, quickly had to think what to say to Customer Care once it was my turn. Oh yeah, “return policy question” :rofl::rofl::rofl:. I will post the video after first 100 likes! Small ask for a new guy. Its a short video but fap worthy!


Heck yeah can’t wait

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Welcome to the forum, and im glad you’re contributing with your own original content. Looking foward to seeing what else you can get, so far it’s looking really good. Hope you get to 100 on your first post btw.


looks great.

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Sweet and lovely ass my friend, well done, i hope your question was answered to your fullest satisfaction :grin:
Thank you so much

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We are getting close friends! 100 likes are close! Thank you!

great cap

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welcome. return policy, nice :rofl: im fw your methods of business already. when i first stumbled across a few months i felt the same way. bunch of creeps who “capture” n admire girls in public and made a community. right up my alley :laughing: gave birth to a unusual hobby, but i enjoy it. hope you will too man. good caps :clap:

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Hell yeah, nice ass, and i love the story lol

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Epic first post, you are close to 100!

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bro whats the phone u using

Older S22 Ultra…still solid though!

Thanks all! As promised, here is the video…please let me know if you have issues!