My friend's ass - Part 6

It’s been a little while since my last post I know. But I’ve been way more busy those pasts weeks. I was not busy capping sadly. So my uploads may be more spaced from now on.

Anyway, enjoy those caps I made and that video! It’s such a treat to see her ass everytime!


Merci! J’attends toujours tes sujets avec impatience. Je fantasme toujours autant sur son beau cul.

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My favorite series in this forum. Thank you.

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I appreciate that

How lucky you are dude, thanks for the pictures and videos!

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She is gorgeous in those tight black jeans - I love her style and the way she wears the short top and short denim jacket to show off her tight curvy ass. Love the little turn ups too. Great catches mate - thank you so much for sharing with us.


Thank you I appreciate that! :relieved:

Amazing friend. You ever cap her wearing anything else but jeans

I like when she wears tight clothes because we really see her ass well. When she doesn’t wear tight clothing, I don’t cap her cuz her ass is not visible

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Dommage que tu ne puisses pas prendre des clichés d’elle en maillot de bain, avec le slip qui lui rentre bien dans la raie.

C’est l’un de mes objectifs. Mais je ne pense pas qu’elle se montrera comme ça avec moi. Alors je pense pas que ça arrivera un jour :joy:

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Quel dommage ! Je crois que tu te branlerais bien sur elle avec des photos de ce genre.

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Ohh mais tellement :sob:

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