Nerdy Girl with Nice Boobs

Wasn’t expecting to see the knockers on this chick. Love seeing unexpecting big boobs. She was with family so couldn’t get much so enjoy what I got


I love the nerdy look like that. Glasses are a turn on. Perfect boobs. Would love to see her bend over in that top.


This a great thread kudos to you. We need more cleavage shots on this forum.


Qu’est-ce qu’elle est bonne, des formes de dingue, un cul qui a l’air pas mal du tout, des seins qui remplissent bien les mains, j’aimerais l’avoir sur moi.

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Great post! Thanks for sharing!

What a cutie with a nerdy look. Great Job Man! :heart_eyes::fire:

Very Nice! Thank you!

Just how I likem

That’s super hot. Big milky tits

Sexy. Great job

Spectacular boobs

Beautiful nerdy girl with hot rocking body, those tits are fantastic, glad she’s not shy to display them like that. Great catch!

What I wouldn’t do to see her lean over.

Bigger than her head. Jeez.