Hey guys - I am about to upgrade from my Samsung A71. I want to shoot in 4K WITH anti-shake. (Can’t currently use anti-shake above 1080p) Since my stills come from my videos, I am hoping for the best quality possible
Any suggestions? I’m staying with Android.
Thanks in advance!


peeps already mentioned the s22 ultra, thats what im tryna get. quality is immaculate


I recommend a good phone with great camera and sd card accessable just my opinion. I’ve been using the galaxy note 9 for awhile no complaints. Old phones still rock

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I will look up the specs/reviews. Thanks!

S22 ultra is really fantastic it has 100mp cam. Unmatched by any other phone.


That’s what I am looking to hear !

100mp? WTF!!

On the iPhone, it’s best to shoot 1080 @60fps for a very clear video. When in 4k mode, it uses the HEIC(?) format that reduces quality by a lot!!

There may be debate, but I’ve noticed a noticeable difference when using the high end SD cards. I know it makes a difference particularly on the cheap cameras with decent lense but cheaper on the tech, like the cheap GoPros. The video quality is better when using the high end SDs. Besides, they are cheap enough nowadays

Yeah, I avoid HEIC. Typically I’ll shoot at 1080 with anti-shake on. Camera saves to MP4. In premier I flip and edit. In After Effects I would always stabilize. Not so much now.

I look forward to experimenting with whatever I end up with.

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Well you get what you pay for. If you go for some budget phone in the 200-400 dollars you are going to be sorely disappointed. If you want smooth 4k in all lighting like these guys shoot it then you have to be in the 800+ range.

S22 ultra i have it and finally figured out how to use it lol.

:black_small_square:︎These are with Zero Editing, i just took them

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Idk, even despite what i’ve seen and heard about the s22, something in my eyes still tells me any iphone from the XR up is great! Like awessome. As long as you are close and stable, its fanastic

Iphones are made for user experience, not for the technology. Steve jobs admits the latter. Iphones are for sheeple. If you want quality photos then use a high quality device that doesn’t scam you out of your money(upcharging on everything, using technology which isn’t universal/compatability with more than one device, does not put all ur sh!t in a hackable cloud storage).

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Amen. Apple tends to give me the creeps (no pun intended). Their business model is simply to get people hooked, and then gouge them on every upgrade and format change. JMHO
I’m thinking Samsung s22 Plus will be the direction I’ll go in

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