Nice blonde in supermarket bend over in leggings

I think she didn’t go shopping but to show off her ass. She bent over everywhere, even if it was unnecessary, to expose her big, shapely butt. It’s a pity I was in a hurry that day and I didn’t get more of her.


Impressive any chance at a vid?

Nice work ! Thank you :+1::+1:

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Nice time u should just ask her how much.

Definitely went to show off, no chick bends at the waist in an outfit like that!

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Looks like a natural “looking for something bend”. She’s just hot af :hot_face:

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shes fuc’kin hot!! any vids?

nice slut

I know this is the leggings page but I kinda like that shirt too. She’s completely oblivious. You must be sneaky

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