Nice jiggly ass


Would love to see that jiggle


Fk-ing perfect!

Mmm damm beautiful ass, excellent catch!



fantastic ass. great lighting too, or credit to you if you edited them

New link should work


Rotate your pictures

Waouh !!! Cette fille a un cul bien rempli et parfait. J’aimerais voir la vidéo

Damn, we neeeeeed more, thank you.

Good job ebay :+1: fuck Amazon am I right ?? Lol they wouldn’t post this kind of thing

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do freaking hot!!!

True beauty is looked at all different angles :grin:

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No, if I was the mod reviewing your post I would have rejected it as low quality. It literally takes seconds to rotate pictures.

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I can tell you I think I am the one who approved of this last night very late. As much as I like to stop and stare at every single posts, I just skim through to make sure it meets the guidelines so that I a can hurry up and approve it and thus everyone can enjoy it. The first five or so pictures seemed okay so I didn’t bother scrolling all the way down to the last three pictures that weren’t rotated.
I think all moderators feel me as they probably do the same.

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The leggings hug her ass so perfectly. Absolutely love this one

Seriously that big a deal? It literally takes seconds to save it and rotate it yourself. :smiley: