(NOT OC) Slim chick in Target in leggings VTL

This wtf im talkin bout! If your going to post non oc, this should be the new bar. :fire:

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This is slim ?! Americans…

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Oooooo wwwweeeeeee. This chick is bad. Nice firm ass on this one

Stfu :saluting_face: :us_outlying_islands:

Where did you find this one? Thats my OC from a phone that got lost!!!

Great capture :clap: nice to see the real shooter here.

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Get off my nuts bro… you constantly worried about my posts and other things … And constantly in my comments… Are you a moderator? Didn’t think so. And how was I trying to pass it off as my own? I said I wondered if I’d get called out. I didn’t say I was trying to take credit for it. Some random person comments and says " hey these are my pictures" and you thank them as if you know them personally. :roll_eyes::joy::joy::sob: Get a life my dude

My personal Tumblr… and yeah your the OC. And I’m a billionaire :handshake:lol

Haha dude. I captured that a few years ago yes under Jarri_bjorn. 100 percent mine but as stated its been posted around. I dont give two shits just was stating that it was my OC. No trouble here.

I want to stuff her in that box…her box too.

That’s the perfect shape and pumpness. I love it!
I literally go to target just to walk around and stare sometimes lmao