[OC] Super Pawg in chocolate shorts Hella ass

One of my favourite caps I have, honestly the photos don’t even do this ass the justice. Amazing big booty coming out from the gym.

Quality isn’t great, you’ll have to excuse me!



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Holy cow, she really fills those NVGTN Bikers very well, i guess this is the biggest ass in NVGTN Shorts i saw until now… good lord have merci :drooling_face:
Great catch my friend, quality is not bad, so far, so keep it up and keep the booties coming.
Thank you.

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Holy pawg! What a beautiful booty. If you have more of her I would love to see it. Thank you for sharing.

What a ASS… it was good enough bro… :facepunch:

Daaaaaaaamn, such a good ass!!

Ball breaking fat ass. :tired_face::boom::peanuts::peanuts::birthday::birthday:

That is crazy. I would love to get lost in that fat ass

Nice, any video on that


Woah that’s a monster for sure, Damn🔥


Just man, what a catch man! :hot_face::fire::peach:

It’s a shame there’s no video. With an ass that fat you know damn well it’s jiggling

phenomenal…just beautiful

woah can we get the video?


wow that a huge ass on this pawg we need a vid if you have one that will be amazing

mASSterpiece of a posterior there.

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so incredible!

Every single person she talks to every single day wants to eat her ass.

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she must have made many men happy walking in town that day :kissing_heart: