(OC) Thick Blonde PAWG with Wide Hips in a Thong and Fishnets🤯

Ran into this delicious pawg at Walgreens. Unfortunately wasn’t quick enough to get her squatting and getting up🥹 You could literally see everything due to her tiny skimpy thong. Cant believe any girl would even do that in an outfit like this. Anyways enjoy this thick white ass.

Here’s some bonus front shots I got. Not the best quality but damn was she hot :hot_face:


Thanks for the share, right place at the right time


Nice catch, love the outfit. Is there a video?

God damn! Bitch was almost naked. You are so lucky to see that in person. Great caps bro

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thx, and jees… what a slut :stuck_out_tongue:

Man I wish I could get this lucky holy shit. Bitch came outside butt ass naked basically. Great Post :clap:

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Yeah how’d you get so lucky lol great catch!

she wants you to look

Yeah I got the video. There’s a little ass jiggle in it. May post a gif if the post gets enough love.

Thanks man. I really wish I could’ve got the bend over shot . Could literally see her pussy lips and asshole when she got up

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Fucking total attention whore. Love it.

It was the same time as a music festival. I capped some fat jiggly asses their too but for whatever reason my rave post never really get love.

she looks good

She wins the “just asking for it” award of the fucking decade. Great caps!

Fuuuuuuuuck!!! Amazing

Whats the point in even wearing that outfit

What about the other one in a rave/near naked outfit

Amazing job

Oh my God I’m just glad guys don’t walk around like that LMAO

Wow lucky