One of my best captures from the gym, sweaty blonde PAWG


That is something! The time it takes to carve out an ass, she is sizable enough to have to work hard at it LOL

Got her before and after.
That sweat spot tho right lol!!!

How can anyone workout with a mask on? Clown world. Honk honk :clown_face:

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Yeah she’s perfect

What a show!! :black_heart::black_heart:

Very easily.

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Too easy

Sorry to burst bubbles here but that’s not sweat, just a pattern on the leggings. Had the same reaction when I first saw a pair like this

It disappears from pic 11 to 12.
Pic 12 probly happened before pic 11.
Several after don’t have the matching ‘mark’

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What the fuck…


You’re so wrong it’s hilarious. Why would any company out a randomly shaped pattern there? It’s not even flattering.

Love the sweat

damn that is a rare ass she looks amazing good job