One of my set ups…

I adjust the settings when needed and to save storage I use an external micro as card with adapter :wink: hardly ever use the hip clip but I thought I add it as well


Phone looking clean :muscle: I got problems, backed up LOL

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Thanks! Had to delete a lot of unnecessary photo’s videos apps to get like this was crying

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So I was looking at this lightning adapter. Does it allow to offload pics from the Photos app using the Files app?

The specs aren’t clear on most, none of the current ones had a review or comment, and there was an Apple one that described only SD to iPhone for $50 when all others were $20.

It has its own app that’s really easy to transfer files,pictures,videos,etc to the SD card you have inserted and once you plug it in,your iPhone will recognize it and ask if you want to open the app associated with it.I also have the Sandisk iphone one and it essentially does the same thing but I like the one I have pictured in the photo because I have been having problems transferring my stuff into the it.

Thanks! I have seen/heard a lot of issues with the Sandisk ones that fold nicely, or similar. The app wants all control something I’m not a fan of.

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No problem! I got this one from Walmart.In the electronic section where you can find all the SD cards for cameras

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