Part-Time Helpers are Awesome

Teen in her Jeans


What I love about this set is just how good the level angle is. Like most of the time the level at which the images are taken differ making the candid person unproportioned. On top of this, the lighting allowed for high quality shots. You can actually see her ass eating her underwear. Very good find. Very nice work


She could help with more than that cash register for sure!

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Holy shet lol

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Damn nice shots dawg

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Good shots but those old woman jeans don’t really compliment her ass as much…women have a weird style now a days.

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I thought the same!! Old cut with a new style Jean, just looks weird. Says Guess jeans but probly knockoff based off the cut

Lmfao knock off guess jeans…that’s how u know u hit rock bottom :joy:…she needs some lulu’s asap.


That seam goes WAAAAAY high!!

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Here she is in Leggings


Never been huge on jeans but the new styles have changed my mind! Great shots

Not a bad booty but I love her Lulus better. Anymore of her?

What an ass just perfect

More of this girl please!

I love that older type jeans are coming nack & how they wedge right up their assholes & the creases when they walk