Part-Time Helpers are Awesome

Teen in her Jeans


She could help with more than that cash register for sure!

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Holy shet lol

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Damn nice shots dawg

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Good shots but those old woman jeans don’t really compliment her ass as much…women have a weird style now a days.

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I thought the same!! Old cut with a new style Jean, just looks weird. Says Guess jeans but probly knockoff based off the cut

Lmfao knock off guess jeans…that’s how u know u hit rock bottom :joy:…she needs some lulu’s asap.

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That seam goes WAAAAAY high!!

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Here she is in Leggings


Never been huge on jeans but the new styles have changed my mind! Great shots

Not a bad booty but I love her Lulus better. Anymore of her?

What an ass just perfect

More of this girl please!

I love that older type jeans are coming nack & how they wedge right up their assholes & the creases when they walk