PAWG in the beach wearing G string


Dam that’s actually cool


I want to see more

the link should be working again sorry about that guys


Please drop the video, thanks king!!

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amazing we can actually see the shape of her asshole,

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Hey buddy, love the new technology thanks for innovating so we can actually be transported there and be able to enjoy that ass up close thank you

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Hell yeah this is neat

Awesome!!! Thank you!!!

Is this drone footage? Amazing if so

This is amazing! How do you capture this kind of cap? I often thought of this but never figured a way to do it. Do you need to do a full 360 for the best resolution? Please keep making as many as you can! :exploding_head:

Works for me now, this lidar cap stuff is an untapped gold mine. If you can figure out how to get a full cap then anyone can find their favorite angle regardless of what it is. Really interesting stuff you are looking into dude, keep up the innovation! :peach: :bikini: :drooling_face:

My life just changed after seen that

its called gaussian splatting btw guys… and notice the blurry lines too?? that means the shooter did not go this side of the subject while recording i like to think of it as missing information and if the subject is moving too much it fucks with the end results too.

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regular camera.


with as regular ass camera but the rules are everything has to be still and to get the best result you have walk around the subject for the best results

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it doesnt let me link anything says ‘im too new to post any links’

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You can leave a space in the link…

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when i rotate photo it gets blurry . is that normal or is mine not working?

well… thats cool :smiley: