Perfect bubble buttock fits in pant ( OC )

Guys let me introduce to you one of my best post ever. She has that kind of ass that fils the pant without being fat or full of muscles. Round shaped and firm and not that smallI , just the good middle. I let you imagine her lovely angel face and see her magnificent buttock.
Enjoy as I did.


those kind of pants do a great ass on the right people, she deserves more love


Totally agree, it depends on the right people, here is one of the best case !


Le cul de cette rousse est vraiment bandant


Incredible yes :heart_eyes:

Sure, a man of taste

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She makes me as her hair, pure FIRE :hot_face: :fire:

That ass is not only amazing, but the gap is fucking perfect. Beautiful asscheeks, great body shape, and that fire hair that makes me crazy. Incredible catch! :hot_face: :fire:

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Dude she was above that universe ! I wish I could see her everyday in different outfit.
Fashion tends to go to awful 2000’s baggies. Thanks god we still have classy girls.

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