(PERFECT) Fixed Latina Teen unbelievable ass and body



good grief… any chance of uploading it as a higher quality video? looks incredible :japanese_ogre: :japanese_ogre:

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I’d eat there 5 times a day.

Sorry I think thats the highest it will get. Do you know of any software that might clear it up a bit?

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Oh god that body really is unbelievable, is this an original candid of yours? Is it possible for you to post even more of her?

I just figured since it was uploaded as a gif, it must have been a clip from a video. Uploading as a video would be less compressed and probably also higher framerate

Thank you it is.:smiley: I dont at the moment but this place is one of the regulars so ill get some more next time.

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Dont know why im only seeing your reply to me a whole 24 days later but that’s excellent to know

All that and all we get is a grainy gif? Get the xxxx out of here. No really. Leave

How do you know she’s been fixed?