Perfect round ass.. begging for a hard spank


Those jeans are barely containing that ass


Perfect round ass is a spot on description, well done! She’s amazing!

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Thats begging for a lot of things to be done to it…Damn that’s a fine, hard looking ass…

Crazy Bubble Shaped Ass! Damn! Great Catch! :peach::heart_eyes::hot_face::fire:

Wow they’re about to burst

Perfect ass

you should have spanked it…don’t be chicken

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please tell me you have video

Absolutely perfect!

Mmm juicy.


Im sure this isn’t OC cause I come across this subject a lot in other websites. And the video as well.

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The vid must be amazing!:heart_eyes::peach::ok_hand:


Amazing, nice and round, and big! perfect ass!

Video please

Video man please. Great job

Sexy ass but adorable too for me wow

Where have you found the vid? For research purposes of course

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