Picked up that 12pro max

Takes way better pics than my 12 pro. Who else has one?


Is it big? I used to have an iPhone 7 and holding it in my hand looked pretty natural but now even with my XR it’s so big that sometimes it looks a lil weird pointing it at people

It’s huge gotta used to it lol

Get the otter box defender case, and use the holster for hands free shooting

I got that pelican case it came with one but not sure how good I can shoot from the waste any tips?

Practice in a mirror or with a target on your wall at home, when you get the hang of it, you get much steadier footage, plus even more plausible deniability, because you’re not holding anything or manually aiming. Just lining up your left/right side hip with the target

You shooting with the pro max?

Just got one too!! They had a deal…couldn’t resist