Por qué?

Some reason why they are not publishing my contributions. Do I owe you something or what?

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Were you posting within the community guidelines? I know the rules are pretty serious now.

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So. Any Solution?

Your recent post looked under 18.

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Negative… it’s more than 18

counter point. nobody can verify if she’s over 18. she looks under 18. anyways, admin rejected it.


Bruh, there are so many posts I see that look under 18 and they still get published. It’s literally unfair how some people can get a pass and others can’t. And it’s mostly mods who get the pass. It’s a bit unfair but I see posts with girls that look under 18 and they don’t trip about them.


There’s a reason why I don’t post as much or just don’t share my content because the mods and admins are so picky and look for the smallest things to get others. But yet they let theirs slide for Anything

That’s not really true I’ve seen more than mods and admins post stuff.

Well what I’m saying is that mods and admins usually get the free pass. For any reason and I’m sure you and I both know it’s true. I’ve dealt with it before. I’m a regular poster but have slowed down just because the fact that our things get deleted for the smallest things that mods and Admins can get away with.

I’ve been here for very long while dude I’ve seen others get away with it…you shouldn’t think that.

Y’all have to understand that we have NO way to verify if you’re telling the truth when you say she’s 18+. We have nothing to go on but our own intuition. If she looks under 18, we’re going to be cautions and reject or delete the post.

We do have to curate the site from time to time to remove the vulgar, blurry, low quality, or ugly subjects. If you feel like your content was rejected for “no good reason” then please reach out to a moderator and ask them for clarification.

In addition, if y’all come across any posts you suspect to have under 18 subjects, then please flag them so we can find them. Sometimes things do slip through the cracks and we can’t catch them all.


Bettet safe than sorry! Let us avoid getting trapped in endless age discussions. 18 is the only reasonable limit even if some posts risk unnecessary deletion.

I am grooot!!!

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