Post game drinking



Those girst pics with the two blondes are very good…very great set of pics…

Why so many blurry pics? Was your camera drinking too? Seriously though, there are a ton of great shots here, you didn’t need to include the blurry ones.

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Lmao! Yeah I try so hard not to move my phone, woman were moving,dancing around so fast it was really hard to capture a clear one.My next post I will not upload those not to mention some guys like blurry pictures…lol

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Yeah, there are at least 20 guys on here who get off to the blurry pics. It’s nice of you to think of them, lol :joy:

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Really Nice! Thank you!

Im one of them. Blurry/low pixel pics gives me authentic vibes. If it’s too clear it gives me google vibes. Its complex!