Posting Multiple Videos

Hi everyone! I’m brand new here just made my account an hour ago and I’m planning on posting my first few videos here because I got pretty lucky with my 2nd try (1st try was just too early and no one was outside on my run); but my 2nd try on the train I got lucky. My account is too new to post anything yet but for when I do post, I wanted to know how to post four videos in once thread / post; because I have her face and full body as an intro, then ass, then lower front; and a little exit scene to give it a sort of chronological vibe; but yeah, excited to be here and have something to post; been viewing stuff for about a month, great site!

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Good luck

Since your new, you may have to use the website to upload and paste those links here on the forum. Please don’t create 4 separate topics/posts, just include the full series on one post.

You may run into issues posting other links for things like mediafire or mega.

For sure yeah I wanted it all on one post, how do I had my jumble of pics and 4 videos all on one post; earlier when i looked in upload it looked like once you upload file if you try to upload a 2nd then first is gone; i dont have any of that mediafire stuff yet can i just link it from / post from my files on comp? Sry im so noob

You can only upload vids individually on the other website, which will then create a special page and link for that page. Unless you want to spend more time to combine those 4 clips to 1, download powerdirector on mobile its easy to edit.

If you’re uploading pics, you do that here clicking the upload icon below (when editing/the type box). Then you can paste those video links here with the pics. Hope that makes sense.

Benefit to medifire or mega though is it won’t reduce the quality. Seems like all the ones on her are super low res.