Question about candid

Is better to take pictures or record a video ?

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Video at a high frame rate

Video quality is always best. Sometimes photo is all that’s available. Choosing wrong could leave you with less than both. Switching from one to other could have consequences.
Choose wisely!


I find that if I can snipe a shot from the car i will use my regular camera and be able to control better and see the shot… but out in public it is always video… how high should i set the frame rate when shooting? I use the hvr and you can set it to whatever you want. I played with the zoom and that bit me last week where i missed some great shots and the videos ended up terribly shaky… it can go up to 240 fps, when googling it says 30 fps but my lowest setting is 60 fps for my phone

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Imo a picture is worth a thousand words but a good video…you can watch forever :sunglasses:


I put my iPhone to max settings! LOL
NO, I do 1080 @60fps OR 4k @30fps
I have no clue about modifying the videos as far as space, I just keep getting bigger drives.
Also have 50hobbies so when the time comes…

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iPhone 12 and other models also have a nice Live Photo ability which allows for “video play”
Which is a nice feature. Turning photos to video that way and screen recording.

Anyone got tips in shooting?

@Jopie there are a few good reads, just go by the title :+1::+1:

You can also select all the live videos and turn them into a single video. Basically select>options>convert :+1:

Any incite on how the iPhone 12 Pro records?

Wow! No answer….
That’s what I am using the last three topics at least.

I’ve noticed NOT to use the HEIC format, it shrinks the media down for storage - I hate that!!! I shoot the vid at 4k @60fps and slo mo looks prefect. It looks great at 1080, but why?

What App you are using. Im searching for something like background recorder in android for iOS , but cant find any secret recording video apps…

I use Quick Video Recorder for Android. It’s unobtrusive as you click on the recorder to start and you can record without the screen being on.

I use it too. Best app so far for candid purpose.

Check out the post above, it is crazy how good it works

What’s a good app for IOS?

There are a lot of apps to do a lot of things. This section has several posts to reference, I would suggest viewing them before posting such a general question.

The title of the topics and the tags should be an indication of what may be reviewed. This section isn’t the best but there is plenty to review.

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