Now I bring you this delicious teen
(insist again)

ahora les traigo esta deliciosa teen
(insistiendo nuevamente)


This slut knows exactly what she’s doing…



ohh sexy dress

Sabroza y por qué el ( vuelvo a insistir )

sshhhhhhh :zipper_mouth_face:

Such a short dress wish more were that length would make catching a peak a lot easier. Looks like it’s 1 of those partial short mods with fabric down the middle.

Very hot !!!

CĂłmo siempre sorprendiendonos con tus cazerias maestro :pray:

What a superb body she has :heart_eyes:

Oh yes, she knows…Slide it to the side and slip right in :eggplant::sweat_drops::sweat_drops::sweat_drops::sweat_drops:

Is there a video sir?

A dress that’s designed to tease - and you accepted the challenge.

These dresses that are actually shorts used to piss me off, because they aren’t actually dresses…but now I realize the genius of them.

Since these are actually shorts, girls can wear them as short as they want without feeling like sluts!

That girl would never wear a dress that short, because she is modest…but a dress with a little piece of fabric betwixt her legs gives her much more confidence to go short…plus it probably feels good rubbing back and forth.

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That’s one cute girl right there.

She knows how to tease the D. Love her for it. Any chance for a vid of this?

deja lo busco pero pues ya me paso lo a nos ha pasado a todos los unos dedicamos a esto perdí mucha información en un disco duro q se daño pero deja buscar