Small frame, bubble butt blonde with a nice gap

I saw the shape of her ass from the side from a distance & that was all I needed to see. It was time to put in WORK! Luckily I already had the items I came to get so we checked out together too. Win win! :partying_face: :peach:

Lil freak had some nice titties and a tongue ring too. I couldn’t get much of a face shot, but if it makes you feel any better SHE LOOKED GOOD…trust me :innocent:


What a great ass!

Looks like her boyfriend could use 10% of that butt himself, though!


More like pull up yer pants jr.



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Good Gawwd that Ass…Top Shelf Quality, as well

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Right! I was thinkin to myself “I bet he can’t even carry her around the house, bangin her from room to room”. She looked like a lil sex doll to me :joy:


What a fucking glorious ass

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I don’t know if I’d have been able to keep my composure capturing that!


:rofl: I kept my cool but my nervous/excited feelings always go straight to my hand for whatever reason. They always shake just a lil for about 30 seconds when I know I’m getting some good footage. Not enough to notice in the video tho :joy:


Omg need video!

Amazing bubble

Great capture

Need to watch the video.

Mighty fine indeed

Oh yea

great post @DirtBag and great profile shot for your avatar too!
I love this sideview. whooo. hot.
She’s got those pants pulled up grandma style. still hot.


You took me on a journey with these pics from the first one I’m flacid thinking he oversold how hot she is for views but I kept going and now I’m rock hard. You are the Picasso of Perverts :joy:


Is there a video ?

:joy: hell no, I’d never try to trick you into looking at my stuff bro. Glad you ended up liking what you saw cause I know I did! :thinking: Picasso of Perverts…I’ll take it :smiley:

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Yup, I’m trying to figure out how to attach it now