Small pink skirt

Decided to walk with her and her family and when she sat down I had a very clear view. Yes I have them and no I cannot show them. But they are white lace and it is SMOOTH!


Wow, sexy girl
Sexy skirt… Or is it a belt? :yum:

Damn man you didn’t have to tease us with the idea you got good upshot’s smh


Great Pics! Thank you!

why wait til you got home?

I’m in!

Im a sucker for a skirt…

She’s super hot man thanks for sharing !!

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She’s a pretty looking blonde. It looks so good on her. Attractive. Good One :heart_eyes::yum::+1:

Pretty girl, those thick legs and firm ass are amazing! Great catch! :hot_face: :hot_face:

She’s really pretty.

Damn, shes cute