Social media will destroy candids

I don’t know why people are dumb enough share candids to social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, tiktok etc… yeah let’s just put that content out for women to find and catch on to this community. Anyone else feel this way?


Well anyone stepping outside the forum to make a post on a social media about this place ain’t shit…imo. plus this is our safe haven we can blend in with those around us…any other platform other than this website we couldn’t do that… like a famous man once said “this is a secret society all we ask is trust!”


Fucking morons.


Yes!!! It’s no common sense whatsoever! Also I think everyone trying to record everyone and everything is a huge problem also! Women are hella aware now bc of the tik tok videos women share of guys filming them :man_facepalming:t2:


there’s a lot of peoples that like candid creepshot content but doesn’t know about the topic that need to be treated as ( hidden ) to keeping it alive and enjoyable without a social impact . is good and bad at same time that every monkey have an smartphone
good vives and keep sharing

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A big issue is this website allows users to creep the entire time without ever having to contribute anything. This increases the likelihood of someone stealing content and selling or sharing on another platform.


I’m sure some get off knowing we take pics of them :smiling_imp:


The hidden part about it so true! Yet, some guys love the thrill of being caught I get it but it really fucks it up for everyone else tbh


Think developing more techniques is required. Using the same technique in shooting over and over. Some might catch on if they see a person with the same pattern over and over. For instance the entrances and exits of places are a great area to wait for someone. If you know there leaving the check outs. Great place to get shots if you have you phone and or camera ready. Also not making eye contact helps. Its like they say prey will usually be alert if they see a predator glancing in there direction. Having a friend to talk to helps as well.
Also have seen amazon selling some spy pens https with 1080hp. Curious if anyone tried those. Would be less obvious taking pics with that. Having a female friend take pics for you with there own phone. Girls hold there phones all the time wouldn’t be suspected of taking pics in good areas. Have seen candid vids on other sites. Seems some do employ females to get the shots there after. Just a heads up some places like walmart have these flat dome things that hang down from the ceiling. Small round lens in the middle if looking from below. Might not look like it but its a camera that can turn 180 and look in most directions. Know a guy that installs security systems kept asking him what they were. It’s a high dollar piece of equipment he said.
There’s always gonna be a risk of some idiot posting stuff to there social media. I know some patreon and onlyfans users have tracking software on there stuff. To help find out who shared there stuff. Not sure if that could be enabled here.Unsure how that software works but people have been caught with who leaked. Would need to change it so only members can view the pics to slim down the odds of finding the leaker. Then just block there IP once there found.

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I’ve just thought about it and I don’t think it’s good to spread pictures on social media either. I myself followed DaBootyFiles on Instagram, I ended that. I think we shouldn’t attract attention, otherwise the women will be cautious and panicked.


That’s not true cause that page is still up

Yes I’ve used it once it’s ok u can take pics as well but the lil camera can be noticeable to some if they’re smart enough or get really close to the pen, there’s also a watch I’m trying to get

For this exact reason is the reason I slowed down taking pics. I’m not trying to go viral for this :joy:


Female friends make the best distraction. They can engage the target in conversation, and having a girl with you automatically makes you ok in most girls’ eyes. Highly recommend.

Also, I’ve seen a meme that used one of my candids. I was pissed and honored at the same time.

Just seen this here. Woman exposes 'creep' over his alleged disturbing behavior at the gym: 'This isn't your body' Seems like they don’t want this to die down. April 30th on yahoo.
TikTok Different girl.

When it comes down to it, its not illegal to take pics in public. As long as its not in a changing area/bathroom


Seems like there watching for people with phones out. Would be beneficial to have a second phone to grab just in case if questioned to see a pic. Like an old phone. But in these cases its guys that are making eye contact with there targets that sends up the red flags. Not to mention seeing the camera pointed at them. Never make eye contact with the target. Once you do scrap the mission. Find a way not to have it in your hands. Phone on a belt clip using what ever smart watch to link with it. Unless you can find a way to hide a gopro on yourself.

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Damn that girl was freaking out man I would’ve had to ran out that bitch :joy: is there other TikToks of the dudes getting caught

I have used them but they have too much shake. Not convenient for candid photos or vids.

I still do use them for the stuff (ups) not allowed on this site. Works quite well.

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There a lot of ways to cover a camera, I have a pen, watch, phone charger and my cellphone, I called them “The 4 best sniper from Missisipi Mexico”, ready to kill from all angles. Never have been caugh.

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Amazon sells a lot of new spy stuff

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