SPC settings

For anyone using SPC, what are your settings at? I’m getting significantly lower quality when using SPC vs iphone14 camera.

Also, should I be recording with auto or manual focus?


I use SPC and I keep my settings on auto focus. Also make sure your camera is calibrated through the app it’s at the bottom of the camera option under settings in the app. This can definitely affect the quality of the videos or images you are taking. Let me know if you have any questions


Here are my settings for iphone14 camera and SPC and some shots I took today. They don’t seem as clear as some of the other cappers on here get….


The app and screenshots most likely are the cause for the decrease in quality. Also keep in mind not everyone is using SPC or even iPhones on this forum so quality varies greatly. Some people also spend a great deal of time editing the videos and photos in others apps and software. I’m looking into editing apps and software to enhance the quality myself.