Sweet grocery girl booty, part 2

Tried again for you guys, she doesn’t work again for a bit so I’ve done all I can for now. She’s wearing a jacket but still that b o o t y is peeking out, it’s obvious she’s got a tank back there :smirk::drooling_face: ill upload the vid and link it here, gimme just a moment. Sweet little Christian girl, saving that ass for Jesus… the things I would do to her :wink: [

Videos of Girls in Public vid is uppp, did my best, hope y’all like

if she was as sweet as you say, she would be oblivious if that camera was up her ass for a closeup

alright @jason1346, some info i found and hope it helps.

these are rules i have seen elsewhere that can sum up your questions - strictly copy paste with some omitted to follow site guidelines effectively. I think it says it as friendly as possible and included the ones noteworthy for your next steps…

…I can admit to not always following the last one, but it is all of course for practice too. Trust me, i do NOT share everything but sometimes get a good shot anyway. I started taking shotz (stillz) of people in stupid/compromised situations.

4. No blurry pics.
6. Original content only. …
7. The color black is really hard to …capture… successfully and should be avoided until your skills have improved.
8. The closer the pics the better. Far away …candid… shots are just annoying.

Lastly and … cannot stress this more. The subject matter MUST to be something that people are going to want to see. Your …shotz… need to be exciting, sexy, funny etc. in order for people to like it. Not every Plain-Jane ass is …candid… worthy.


Couldn’t have said it better myself

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I knew you’d approve lol

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