Swimsuits from my collection

One of my best candids… public pool.

I lost most of my collection due Flicker policy… they just erased all my pictures from my account

Just could save those… hope you can enjoy it


Vampire’s delight :vampire:

Fuck Flickr. First they offer 1TB free storage for life and now they are deleting photos. Fuck Yahoo too.


Wow some nice ass caps. Literally. Thanks all very lovely.

Great captures

Love the black swimsuit milf, she’s got an amazing wide and phat ass

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@j_cal @superhero

You can get a decent back and use wifi in the house! Quick, easy, set and forget option is a WD MyCloud Home and for like 180$ for 4tb. You only need a router/wifi at home, auto backup is near flawless. No quality knockdown like others are also doing (Google).

I have recently updated to a Synology for my backups, it opens the door to more apps and functions, same general functions but for a price $$$$ I now have 2-26tb drives in different states backing up home server - I’ll never lose data or rely on those monthly clouds again!! I swear!!

Hooray for clingy wedgies!

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@Gk1 Yes same here she’s got a nice phatty!

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From my experience always keep multiple copies. I lost amazing work as well because I only kept the original. Really good stuff.

great job!

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